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Industry Focus: Network and Mobile Communications

Grove invests in breakthrough companies that are laying the foundation for next generation, IP-based mobile communications and Network Service offerings. We believe that ever-increasing consumer and business demand for faster, mobile, broad-band communications and computing capabilities will continue to drive innovation in consumer and commercial on-demand business applications, mobile devices and networks. On-demand, IP-based PC, Device and Web services will drive radical improvements in network scalability, reliability, security, and manageability driving the need for integrated platforms for applications, computing, and network communications. Grove is principally focused on the following Network and Mobile Communication related investment opportunities:

  • Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO's) and Enablers (MVNE's)
  • Instant Messaging Services
  • Social & Business Network Solutions
  • Deployment of voice, video, data and business/financial services on single network
  • Broad Band Wireless & Communications Equipment

Areas of Focus

Financial Services
Media & Commerce Services
Network and Mobile Communications
Software and Information Technology
Green & Socially Responsible
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